Warning About Xylitol and Dogs

Oregon Vet Ramps Up Campaign Warning About Xylitol and Dogs

An Oregon veterinarian is expanding efforts to get the word out that a sugar alcohol-derived sweetener used in an increasing number of foods poses a serious, and potentially fatal, threat to dogs.Warning About Xylitol and Dogs

Dr. Jason Nicholas of Portland (Preventive Vet) has posted a list of products containing xylitol, along with two online petitions seeking warning labels from manufacturers and related action from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Xylitol, which has about one-third the calories of regular sugar, is being used in an ever-expanding list of food and other products.

These products include five brands of peanut and other nut butters, four brands of chocolate, some “sugar-free” or “sugarless” ice creams and yogurts, chewable vitamins, “sugarless” gum, a long list of body, face and home care products, and many more.

Krush Nutrition has posted this warning about Xylitol and dogs on its site:

  • Xylitol and Dogs Xylitol which is a natural sugar alcohol, is safe in humans. We ask that you please keep all xylitol and xylitol containing food products out of reach from dogs. Even small amounts can be toxic to dogs. If you do however suspect your dog has ingested a xylitol-containing food, we suggest you immediately contact your local veterinarian. Read More


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