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Custom pet meds compounding for prescription pet medicine should be considered if you have you ever been given a prescription for your pet only to find out…

Custom pet meds Jacksonville Fl.

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Compounding – For Patients Customized prescription compounding in Jax Fl. offers the doctor flexibility to select the best medication, strength and dosage…

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Veterinary Pet Med Compounding

Veterinary Pet Med Compounding

Veterinary Pet Med Compounding and prescription compounded pet meds should be considered if you have you ever been given a prescription for your pet only to find out…custom pet med prescription meds Jacksonville Fl.
That to get the correct dose, you need to cut a tablet the size of a pea into 16 different pieces.
Or if have you ever tried giving your pet the prescription medicine only to have them get agitated and try to scratch or bite you?
When you finally get the medication down them, they hide for weeks?
If so, prescription compounded pet medicine may be the answer.

These are just two of many scenarios where prescription compounding pet meds can be helpful.
With custom compounded pet medicine, you are able to get more accurate dosing and also get a form of the medication that makes “pet med time” less stressful for you and your pet.
Obviously, if your pets don’t take their medication, it doesn’t do them much good.

Other advantages to our Veterinary Pet Med Compounding are:

Flavoring…. We can add your pet’s favorite flavor to most dosage forms.

Multiple Pet Medicine Prescriptions…. Does your pet take more than one pet medicine? In most cases, we can combine them so you only have to give one dose.

Sound too good to be true…it’s not!
Custom prescription compounding for pet medicine can be compared to a baking analogy. Instead of using flour, sugar, eggs, and oil, custom compounded prescriptions use drug powders, gels, and solutions to create the finished masterpiece.

A custom compounded pet med starts with a recipe that has been specially formulated for your pet’s prescription and also can cater to your pet’s specific tastes. If they prefer a chewy treat, we have gummies. If they like a crunchier biscuit-like treat, we can do that. If they really have no preference, we can make capsules.

If your pet likes to have their ears rubbed we can try a transdermal gel form of pet medicine where the medication soaks in through the skin.

Do you want a dosage form of pet medicine that is easy to administer or small enough to hide in some other food? Try an oral liquid.
We even have sterile ophthalmic drops for treating dry eye in animals.

No matter what form of custom compounded pet medicine your pet needs, you can feel confident that you are getting the best product in the industry.

Preston Pharmacy custom compounding pet medicine service has met all of the requirements set forth by PCAB and we are held to the same standards, rules, and regulations as a human compounding pharmacy.
In a nutshell, there are no skimping or cutting corners for our furry, feathery, or scaly friends.

Ask your Vet if Veterinary Pet Med Compounding is right for you and your pet.

My mom loves Preston Pharmacy, they take good care of her needs with a walker. But with my folks becoming more homebound, searching for transportation for her to get over there to replace the gliders on her walker & I live out of town. Suggestions anyone?
Karen A. Grant – Preston Pharmacy/Preston Home Medical December 4, 2009

Tim you guys are the best!!! I love your webpage too !!! AWESOME!!

Carla Crawford Preston Pharmacy/Preston Home Medical
April 14, 2011
Wonderful personal service from people who love God.
Verna M Knox-Brown  about 3 months ago


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